Friday, June 28, 2013

Hong Kong part two

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Wednesday night I arrived in Hong Kong.  This time I will spend my time alone. It's not a holiday.  It's a trip with mission! Not as cool as secret agent mission but It's quite tiring..

I need to report my marriage to Indo consulate in HK.  Yes, we didn't do it when we were here..  we were so hurry headed back to China,  and now must spend more time n money for things that we could do back then.  Oh well,  we learned our lesson:D

I'm quite impressed with Indo consulate staffs work,  they were very helpful.  And I also thankful to Mr consulate,  because helped me to get document that I needed at the same day I submitted it because I fly far away from Xi'an.  So thoughtful!

I also need to get certified copy of my marriage certificate and send it to my homeland,  Indonesia.  I thought I could make payment by cash.  But the officer said no,  because I want a postal process I need to make bank draft payable to Hong Kong government. The officer told me that I could make it at any bank.  Sound easy rite? But the fact wasn't!

I didn't know that most of bank won't make bank draft for u if u don't have bank account on that bank.  I went to BNI they can't do it. Then to China citic bank,  bank of China,  China construction bank,  all rejected me!  I walked a lot,  saw map a lot,  lost some times..  omg so tiring..  one last try,  I went to HSBC,  the receptionist said they can make bank draft for me although I don't have bank account there.  But guess what?  I told myself not to believe her,  so I won't be disappointed (again!) If the teller told me cannot:D

It was a long queue..  I was so tired and sweaty.  When it was my turn I asked whether I could make bank draft without hsbc account.  And he said yes they can,  but must pay handling fee amounted HKD 100. Oh thanks God,  at last!

Long story huh? So tired today..  my feet hurt,  huhuhu...
Tomorrow I will go to lantau island to see the big Buddha.  So excited,  but I wish I could go with bebe -_-" I actually want to go to ocean park too,  but I don't want to do it without bebe..

Will share my experience after visiting the big Buddha..  talk to u soon!


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