Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Chinese + Umbrella = Sun Phobia ???

Posted by engi at 11:03:00 AM

It's almost summer people! And yes, the sun shines so bright.. its time for.. UMBRELLA!

For Chinese skin color related to social status that you have. The lighter yous skin color means the higher social status you are in. We can see the logic here, people with light skin means they don't hav to work under the sun, such as farmer, construction builder, n etc. Which means you have a good indoor work that pay you more money than people who work outdoor. The lighter your skin, lesser outdoor work you do, means the wealthier you are. That's what I understand from my Chinese friend.

To have light skin color some people use whitening products, and another prevention step is avoid the sun! That's the important function of Umbrella!!! I've seen many people use umbrella since Spring coming old, young, skinny, fat, mostly women.. but men also want to keep their skin away from the sun. Just like this guy!

What about when you're on the bus and the evil sun light attack you???

Of course, Chinese will use their umbrella! Hahahaha... Can I call Chinese has sunphobia? :p


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