Sunday, December 16, 2012

Foggy Weekend

Posted by engi at 12:56:00 AM
Wow, it's 12:12AM now. I thought will need 5 minutes to edit pictures that I took yesterday morning. Oh well, you can't work fast when you're doing it while watching movie, lol.

Okay, yesterday afternoon around 1:30PM I went to downtown. According to weather forecast, it would be fogging. Oh well I thought it won't be that thick. I took some pictures around my neighborhood, it was fogging but thin and not too dark.

When I arrived at downtown the fog is thicker than what I imagined, my oh my!
Too dark to took pictures, my main purpose that time was to find restaurant to eat. Yes, I didn't had my lunch yet. Soooooo hungry! Since I still new in this town I don't remember exactly where are the restaurants. I was counting on my google map to find it, lol. Freezing and hungry, what a perfect combination! I can'r even feel my fingers anymore @_@

At last, went to KFC tho it's very crowded. Ordered burger, fries, and coke. Yes, unhealthy food today :p
I asked the cashier, whether it's chicken burger, she said yes. Then okay I bought it. I was half way to finished my burger when I saw icons on the burger box. There's chicken, pig, and some veggies. I realized something, there's pink meat there other than chicken meat, it slipped out of my burger cuz it was too thick. Oh there you go the bacon. I bite it a bit, lol. Oh well I threw the rest :p

After finished my late lunch, I went out the restaurant. And it was very dark outside. I decided to depart from downtown, loosing my mood to buy sweater. Too col and too many shops to checked :D I went to Metro - One of supermarket that has imported goods outside China. This supermarket just too big for me, not easy to find what I want. I decide to leave earlier. I prefer to shopping at Lotus, it's more comfortable there for me to shop. After paid my goods, I went out to find taxi. It was around 6PM, light raining, freezing to my bones. None of the taxi driver took me, damn! I looked at my google map, looking for bus alternatives for home. It said I need to took bus #408. Went to bus stop and lucky I got it on time. I took around half of hour to reach my neighborhood. But I guess I wasn't that lucky, the bus stopped at bus garage that quite far from my destination :( I was walked in the dark, fogging, and quiet road alone. Little bit scared, what if there's bad person that kidnapped me? My feet felt tired, and Ican't felt my own fingers. How could I do self defense then? lol. Thanks God, China is a safe place, I safely arrived home. Just a little tired.

Now I can't sleep. All alone at home. My baby out of town for conference, It's so lonely without him:(
Miss you bebe! <3 p="p">

Now I will try to sleep. Nite all!


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