Sunday, October 21, 2012

Update : Gundul is Safe!

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Gundul is safe now! Please refer to update below :

October 18, 2012
* BKSDA has rescued Gundul and planned to submit her to a conservation agency in West Kutai Regency, PT Satwa Gunung Bayan Lestari (SGBL)
* Gundul transported to the office of BKSDA Area II in Tenggarong so she could rest overnight before transported to SGBL which will need about 7-8 hours trip.

October 19, 2012
BOSF assisted BKSDA for medial checkup, the results:
* She's estimated about 12-13 years old not 21 years old as reported before
* She's in a good health, not malnourished and her hair in a good condition
BKSDA team departed to West Kutai to send gundul to SGBL

Complete information about this update please refer to link below:

Previously BOSF left comments in my petition to save gundul post, they were trying to explained about their situation why they can't take prompt action to save Gundul.

 At last they are responded and let us know their situation. I think we need to help them with donate some fund to support their job. I will post how to support this orangutan rescue center soon. We need to do something about it rite?

And now.. At the end of my post today, I feel glad that it's a happy ending. Thank you BKSDA and BOSF for your great work. And last but not least thank you for everyone who signed the petition and spread the word about Gundul's situation. We've done a great job!


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