Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tomatoes - The Natural Moisturizer

Posted by engi at 12:08:00 AM

I went to doctor last week to met dermatologist to check about pockmarked on my face that caused by chickenpox few weeks ago. I also told my doctor since then I got acne on my face, that's weird because I never had problem with acne before.. not this much!

Doctor gave me facial soap and acne free serum for my acne, and kind of night cream for my pockmarked. After almost a week I use the facial soap I feel that my face just too dry, and my skin started peeling off. I stopped to use it today. But it seems didn't help much. I felt my face skin burnt and sore. It's getting worse when I took shower in the afternoon with warm water. My face start turn to red and it's very painful!

I remember that tomatoes will help to moisturize our skin if we eat it or use it as masker. I made fast move, don't have time to crushed it into paste, I just slice it then scrub it to my face.. OMG! It feels like hell! *tho I never went to hell before, lol* Seriously it feel worse, and my face turn into red color like a crab! My eyes started tearing off coz it's REALLY HURT!

I tried not to concentrate to pain on my face, I ate some tomatoes and drink more water. Wishing that burnt and pain gone in seconds.. Guess what? It last for about 10 minutes before it's getting better.. T_T And Getting better means it didn't make me tearing, but could feel the burnt sensation on my face for about 2 hours.. It was about 5 hours ago, and now I still could feel my face is tight.. but no more pain.. thanks God!

The good news is, some of the skin that peeled off before (around my mouth and nose), now it's gone! Not completely like 100% gone, but I could say 95% gone! Amazing! Thanks to fresh tomatoes ^_^

I will continue to put on tomatoes masker tomorrow until totally healed.. Awe.. I hate chemicals.. And I hate my pockmarked T_T Okay.. it doesn't related with my dried skin, lol. Sorry... :p


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