Sunday, October 14, 2012

Slow Week

Posted by engi at 12:19:00 AM

Yesterday my baby prepared invitation letter for me, since he don't have printer anymore he must print it at school. and guess what? When he's going to send it to me by email he realized he missed type his passport number! lol.. Oh careless baby :p

I know he feel bad about it. He told me will go to school to fixed n printed it this morning. But the school was locked when he came.. poor baby, he felt disappointed.  Told him it's okay to print it on Monday, I haven't got information about the air ticket from ticketing agent neither..

Oh well.. it's a slow week for us.. when we are ready to speedup God told us to slow down, WTH? lol
Sorry for swearing God.. didn't mean it :D

Lets see what will be happen on Monday ^_^


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