Thursday, November 24, 2011

Week of Trouble

Posted by engi at 11:11:00 PM

As it title, this week is a week of trouble for me T__T
Wanna know know the list? lol, here we go..

trouble #1 - nov18 my laptop cooling pad was broken
trouble #2 - nov19 my mouse was broken
trouble #3 - nov20 my laptop's operating system was broken, need to reinstall it
trouble #4 - nov22 the new cooling pad that I bought on nov19 was broken, only few days after I bought it (what??? $#%&*%$#^&$!!!)
trouble #5 - my internet modem is getting slower and slower (could we consider it as broken?@.@)

Quite a lot neh? T_T
Thinking about it, I remember a song by Lenka - Trouble is A Friend. Perfect fit for me rite? lol

Btw, click here for download Trouble is a Friend by Lenka.

Yeah, trouble is a friend! I won't be beaten by YOU!! d^.^b


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