Friday, November 18, 2011

Japanese Artists in Samurai Style

Posted by engi at 3:59:00 PM
Okay, now forget about Samurai book. Let's talk about handsome Japanese guys in Samurai style as a bonus, lol

yes, it's Ikuta Toma! Kakkoi ne? :-*

How about him?
Yes, our King of Drama.. Takuya Kimura @ Love and Honor ^__^ He always look Kakkoi rite in every drama? :-D

Yamashita Tomohisa @ Byakkotai

Akanishi Jin samurai style

Matsumoto Jun @The Last Princess - why Jun looks like Sun Go Kong in here I wonder?? @__@

Kamenashi Kazuya Samurai Style

Oguri Shun @Tenchijin

 Tsumabuki Satoshi @ Tenchijin
 Ninomiya Kazunari @ Ooku

Hideaki Takizawa Samurai Style

They are looks cool in  samurai style isn't? Will keep you update with the new pics of samurai style ikemen :D


Anonymous said...

I love Tenchijin. Their Costumes and armours are splendids. And it's fun seeing the K-1 champion Kakuda Nobuaki playing a rough samurai veteran at the beginning of the serie.

Kitamura Kazuki is wonderful in the role of Uesugi Kagekatsu too. I love this shy character who seems cold but who just hides his warmth and passion inside, clumsily.

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