Friday, January 8, 2010


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It's January!

For Javanese, January are well known as Rainy Month. As in Javanese language January or Januari (in javanese) is acronym of "Ujan sehari-hari" or Rainy days. Yep, as it called everyday is raining. From light rain until heavy rain, but mostly its heavy rain with thick dark cloud, thunder, and strong wind. Scary... T_T

Rain, mass of water that fall from clouds in the sky.. I remember I really like it when I was a kid. My mom was forbid me to play in the rain if I didn't want to bring umbrella. But kid is a kid, tho I brought umbrella I still got wet cuz I ran so fast in the middle of the rain then the umbrella is flew away, lol. U huh.. then I went back home all wet... My mom sent me to the bath room and push me to take a bath right away... If not I will got fever.. Mom.. u're the best ^_^

Another best thing about rain is when I walk in the rain, nobody will know when I'm crying.. Sad, but somehow it's healing...

I remember when I was in university, we always love when it's raining in the morning... The lecturer usually late come to class because of it, ehehehe... students love this kind of matter:p But when it come part of washing clothes, rain is the biggest enemy of students... Almost everyday sunshine is covered by the clouds..will require more than a day to dry the clothes :( Bad day.. bad day...

Well ... somehow rain is a gift from our God... we should give thanks to Him*_*


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