Wednesday, January 13, 2010

At Last...New Template!!!

Posted by engi at 1:54:00 PM
Just like a butterfly which through metamorphosis process from egg - caterpillar - cocoon - butterfly, I also want this blog through the same process... 

I start to learn how to make blog on July 2009. This is my first blog, white minima design being my default template. At the first time, I planned to use this template for temporary. At least for 1 or 2 months, but the fact is different I keep using this template until yesterdayAshamed Emoticons It means almost 7 months! Awgh.. awgh.. awgh.. how lazy Free Avatars

Decide the right template for my blog is a big deal for me, it should be fit my taste and compatible with my previous page element so I don't need to make a lot changes on it. As I cannot make my own templates (I'm not proud of it guys...Free Avatars ) I decide to search free templates for my blog. I can recommend you some sites that have good designs and all able to be downloaded for FREE Party Emoticons Please refer to list below

Free Website Templates

All websites templates above are definitely free. Some of websites stated we are able to download for free, but the fact is different! We must pay some amount of Dollar, WTF?! Free Smileys

After searching for few days, I decide to use one of template that available in BTemplates that for me it's quite simple. To install new template when we already install another old template for some time will be more difficult than installing template into new blog, because we already added some page elements  (widgets) that somehow not available in our new template. If we are not aware about it we could lost some page element  (widgets) that important for us such as follower element, adsense element, visitor tracker element., etc .To prevent this happen  we must make back up of our current template and then transfer widgets to the new templates. Thanks to David for share step by step to transfer the widgets!  

At last.. Yesterday I change my template and taraaaaa.... this is it my new blog look Free Emoticons


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