Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

Posted by engi at 11:37:00 PM


Today is the first day of 2010. Some people celebrate new years eve by attending counting down party or watching fireworks with BF, family or friends. But last night I just stay at home, watching TV (one of the TV station broadcast Spiderman 3 Movie ^0^) while chatting by YM with my friend who lives in another city. No celebration, no nervous heart beat, no barbeque.. last night just a normal night ^_^

Today, just like like another day. The only difference is the calendar has changed, lol. Still the same old brand new day... But for the most people - including me - new year is a moment of changes. Change to become better in life, work, or maybe relationship. People wishing for something better thats the point! And new year is a good  moment to start it, to reach your dream...

However you addressing new year moment, I believe you already make the right decission^_^


Gambutku said...

happy new year too.:D

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