Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Hongkong airport sleepover again!

Posted by engi at 4:06:00 AM
It's cold, I already wear sweater (okay it's thin, hehe) and shawl but it's darn still cold >.< Only sleep for one hour, can't sleep anymore after that. Yawning like crazy but really can't sleep. I can feel my eyes starting swollen. I bet I will sleep on the plane later :D

There's a lady sleeping on the bench behind me, so peaceful.. How could she do that?!

This airplane has been parking here all night. It's 4am now. I can see some activities already started. One plane already moved to certain gate. And the baggage car already start moving around. Wow they are very early.

Can't hardly wait until I'm home, feel so tired...


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