Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Posted by engi at 9:55:00 AM

I went for skiing yesterday, that was my first time and might be the last time I do that. When we rent the ski boots the officer gave me size 40 instead of 38/39. Can u imagine? It's my first time wearing that weird heavy boots and they gave me the wrong size. I can't move easily cuz the boots just too big, too heavy, and trapped my movement. I told him that I couldn't walk because the boots was too big, he said it's not too big and it's not designed for walk, it's for ski. What he didn't understand was wearing too big boots will make you barely move!

Felt neglected coz he didn't believe what I said. I tried to keep using those ski equipments, when I took hook that dragged me to the top of the mountain slope I fell down, I really can't control my feet movement. Did it twice and fell down twice, I was so angry.

Climbed up to the top by walking, tried my best to walk on those boots. When I arrived at the top I tried skiing, but I scared to death. It's so high and sloppy and I can't control my feet because of those awful boots. A perfect combination! I cried, scared n mad. I think I was scared of height, I must walked down the hill with boots that made me unbalanced all the time. Terrible :-(

I will not go for ski again I guess.. Or maybe I'll try again with boots that fit my feet and decide whether the problem is from the boots or I just scared of height.

One last word for my first ski experience, TERRIBLE!


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