Monday, January 21, 2013


Posted by engi at 7:53:00 AM

Still in Hong Kong airport,  tired. Woke up at 4am this morning,  my neck n back feels hurt. Still 2 hours before the departure time. Feel very sleepy but I just can't. I think I will sleep later on the plane.

It will be a long day. I will not be able to sleep well before 6pm I guess. Can't wait when I arrived at the hotel. I will sleep in a nice bed, releasing my neck and back pain, lol

I'm missing my baby.. he should be getting ready for work now.. hope he's okay when I'm leaving. I feel worry about how he'll eat,lol.don't want him to eat junk food most of the time.  That's not good for his health.

To know that he love me so much make me feel happy. When he told me he feels lucky to have me, I felt flattered.. lol. Hey I'm a woman!


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