Thursday, September 27, 2012


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M : Mother
D : Daughter
C : Cousin that live in their house

Sitting together in the living room, conversation starts...
D : God, I have a big bunch of laundry to do.
M : C also have bunch of laundry. I don't think she needs to change her short pants everyday like she does. It's not too dirty coz she only wear it at home after school. She could change once in 2 days.
D : Maybe u're right, most of her time spend at school anyways, so the school uniform is the one that dirty most.
M : Yeah, she should do that so less to do laundry. So that we could save our detergent usage.
Daughter can't believe with what she heard from her mother, staring at her for few seconds
D : I can't believe you said that, it just detergent
Mother start frowning her face
M : But we could save detergent if she don't do laundry too often
D :  OMG why you said that? It just detergent, and I'm the one who bought it for us!

Daughter left her mother with mixed feeling between angry and sad...
Daughter thoughts, "It's just detergent, why she's so stingy. Why she treated C that way just because she's not her daughter?"

So sad rite? -__-"


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