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When one of my friend said,
"schadenfreude refreshes the parts other beers cannot reach"

I only comment,
"Oh...What was that??"

Wehehehe, I really don't know what he's talking about! Man.. I'm not a native speaker, I need to open dictionary to discover what "schadenfreude" word meaning.. but it sounds germany for me. Well, I have no idea:D

According to wikipedia, this word is from German words which derives from Schaden, "adversity, harm", and Freude, "joy". Still, little bit confusing for me^_^ More information about this word was written on New York Times article in 2002 which cited a number of scientific studies of schadenfreude, which it defined as "delighting in others' misfortune." Many such studies are based on social comparison theory, the idea that when people around us have bad luck, we look better to ourselves. Other researchers have found that people with low self-esteem are more likely to feel schadenfreude than are people who have high self-esteem.

schadenfreude word also being used in some TV series, we can state that it populary use in our pop culture. Some TV series which this word are:

In a 1991 The Simpsons episode "When Flanders Failed", Lisa asks Homer if he's ever heard of schadenfreude after he expresses delight that Ned Flanders' business is failing. Defining it for him, she says, "It's a German term for "shameful joy", taking pleasure in the suffering of others

By 2000, the word was used without explanation during a Malcolm in the Middle (TV series) episode "High School Play": after Malcolm (Frankie Muniz) abandons the Krelboynes to play the role of Puck in A Midsummer Night's Dream and has forgotten all of his lines, Krelboyne Lloyd (Evan Matthew Cohen) comments, "Normally, I would enjoy the schadenfreude, but this is just sad."

In a 2003 episode of The West Wing, White House Press Secretary C. J. Cregg (Allison Janney) uses the term "schadenfreude" and then has to explain it. Cregg notes that after an important member of the White House staff, a friend of hers, made a big political mistake, Washington insiders will be enjoying schadenfreude. When an assistant asks the definition of the word, Cregg responds, "Schadenfreude: taking joy in the suffering of others. You know, the whole rationale behind the House of Representatives"

In the 2004 Tony Award-winning musical Avenue Q the song "Schadenfreude" parodies the language instruction songs of Sesame Street. [1] The song sung by characters Gary Coleman and Nicky, describes schadenfreude as "German for 'happiness at the misfortune of others'." In the song, schadenfreude is also described as "making me feel glad that I'm not you" and "people taking pleasure in your pain". The characters use examples like "D'ja ever clap when a waitress falls and drops a tray of glasses?" and "don'tcha feel all warm and cozy, watching people out in the rain" as being schadenfreude.

---Hummm... I see now *Nodding*---

Back to my friend's sentences above. Now I can understand what he's talking about:D we can say the joy that we got from watching others being suffered has complimentary effect of joy that we got from consuming beers.. What an evil sentences!! LOL...


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