Thursday, October 29, 2009

Goodbye Dad

Posted by engi at 9:18:00 AM
19th October 2009
I never thought that it will be meaningful date of my life. My beloved Dad, passed away at this date. Without any sign, he leave us. After tahajjud pray he met our God in a good way.. Hopefully Allah will forgive his sins and give him all good things after life.

There's deep sorrow inside my heart, I kept it inside and smile outside. I want to be strong, just like my Dad. He's kind, patient, and hard worker person. Until his 73 years old age, he still teaching in high school... that's makes me proud of him. He loves his students just like love his children. He's so so wonderful person.. You're the best Dad forever!



Anonymous said...

mbak engi...jadi nangis ni aq...tanggung jawab hayo. beliin aq es krim coklat ^^

merta ni...

engi said...

Eh meme.. thanks uda mampir kesini..
Klo mo nangis tak beliin tisu ajah ya.. jangan es krim:D

coolingstar9 said...

You had such a caring dad, I am proud of you.
Surely he will go to the good place. You need not worry just live your life in the meaningful way.
Happy everyday yo you.
From coolingstar9

engi said...

Thank you for your wishes coolingstar9^_^
Yup, life must goes on.. It's hard in the beginning, I just need time time to used to it...

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