Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Indian Incense - Dupa India

Posted by engi at 11:43:00 AM

So... I really like to burn incense at home, it's so relaxing... and I'm kinda addicted to sniff it, LOL
My fave incense brand is called RAJ, it's Indian incense. smells freakin good! I bought Chinese incense from local supermarket before, I ended up coughing all the time so I trew it.

I always buy this Indian incense from Taobao.com, you can check the link above for your reference. It's quite cheap. It's RMB9.60 per box, so its about USD1.50 or IDR22,000. If you buy 10 boxes, the seller will give you free shipping (inside China) and wooden incense box. I already have incense box, so the seller usually give me extra incense instead. Cool isn't?

My fave senses are Cannabis and Blue moon... Yes Cannabis, tho' I dunno the real burnt cannabis smells like, LOL


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