Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Winter in Xi'an

Posted by engi at 10:04:00 AM

It's December already...
Winter.. Winter.. Winter...

I hate winter at some point. My skin and lips are dry and will start cracking if I don't use moisturizer. It's freaking cold outside, make me feel reluctant to go out.. even for groceries shopping. Our heating system is less hot compare to last year, so I still need to wear jacket inside the house.

The good thing about winter in Xi'an this year is, the pollution is lessen. This last few days was sunny.. I could see the blue sky. Last year at the same time, the sky was covered with SMOG (smoke and fog). I must wear face mask to protect my self every time I left the house. I hope this better air condition will last until the end of winter ^.^

BTW according to weather forecast, there's a chance of snow today... yay! I hope that's true! The first snow for this winter time ^_^


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