Sunday, October 12, 2014

Hello October!

Posted by engi at 11:10:00 PM

Oh wow, its the second week of October already. Time flies!

October its a sad month for me. My dad passed away at this month, 5 years ago. He was a very nice guy, a very patient person, a good teacher and amazing father. He was a hard worker and really serious about his job. I'm so proud of him. Although he is not in this world anymore, but I know he is watching me...

So what's up this last few weeks?
Well, I found out that I have adenomyosis. It's a condition when tissue that should be grow inside your uterus grown inside uterus muscles. It caused I have a painful period every month. I know its a bad news but I decided to accept it and will do my best to help my body fight this condition. We will talk about it more...

Another news, my class for my second Bachelor's degree started last month. Need to push my brain to "think" again, lol! This week will be my midterm exam, I feel nervous @_@

More news....
* Got some problem on my E business -_-" God give me strength...
* Earned some extra money by become a part time Taobao agent,  Thank God! ^_^ Was very time consuming but I learn more about Taobao and shipping to another country process. More about this later!
* I bought a slow juicer! Yeppppp... welcome to a healthier life style!
* My Bebe bought an XBOX slim, he really love it!

Okay, will write more soon... Writing journal will help me to lose stress from my head!
have a great weekend everyone! ^_^


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