Thursday, March 13, 2014


Posted by engi at 5:42:00 PM
It's March 13, had no time to write here for weeks. Did not write about my birthday neither. Oh well that was not that good anyways. I was feel stressful turned into 30. Has no "real" job, has not reach my personal goal. Feel sad.. Bebe tried to make me feel better, thank you Bebe.. but the problem is on me..

Just realized that become house wife is not easy. House errands really time consuming. Or maybe my time management is very bad. I think the second one is my real problem. Still cannot manage my time very well. Always feel tired at the end of the day. But at least now I have time to do exercise regularly. Yes I push my self to do that, to be healthy. I want to have six packs before I decide to have baby, lol.

Oh well, this is life. I think I need to push my self a little harder..

Time to preparing dinner.. TTYL


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