Saturday, October 12, 2013

Kang Le Pet Hospital - Zizu's Big Day!

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Introducing our sweetheart... His name is ZIZU

He loves to bite, play rough, crazy little kitty! Lol.. We found him strayed nearby our apartment neighborhood 2 weeks ago. He was so skinny and dirty.

This afternoon we took him to vet to get health check, vaccine, and neutered. We found a pet hospital not far from place where we live. This hospital called Kang Le Pet Hospital. For foreigner that can't speak Chinese, finding pet hospital could be a pain in the ass. But we were lucky, we accidentally found it because it's near to our fave pizza place 😁

So here is the hospital
I took picture around it's neighborhood so u could find it easier cuz the place a little bit hiding. 

It's a small clinic with one doctor and one staff. The doctor don't speak English but the staff could speak English a little, so quite help. They are nice and helpful. 

So zizu got health checked (460 yuan), neutered/surgery (400 yuan), and vaccinated for rabies and toxoplasma (110 yuan), total we must pay 970 yuan for the whole process. Zizu got his vaccine report book and we need to take other vaccine next month.

Neutered is something big for a cat. He looked so happy when I picked him up at the hospital, he was still under anesthetic. Looked like drunken car, lol. Growling sometimes.. Feels like telling us he is not comfortable.. 

Poor baby, he still feel weak. Get well soon zizu, we love u so much bitty cat!!!


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