Saturday, April 3, 2010

Another New Template... Yey!!

Posted by engi at 10:03:00 PM

I'm so.. bored with my old template (tho' I only few months use it :D)
When I'm not excited about something I will barely touch it.. That's what happened with this blog. With this new template hopefully I will write regularly everyday, just like what I do in my bookzlover blog ^_^

Since 2 months ago I already separate free download ebooks post from this blog. And from now on it will be my personal blog. I will only post about things that related to my life journey. So it will be more specific as personal blog now ;)

Uhm.. I'm planning to release my online shop for clothes and accessories for men and women. Hopefully will able to release soon... I'm a bit unwell, so I stop to working on it until I get better... Wish me, would you?!

That's all for now.. c ya!


Lydia said...

Hi, nice blog & good post. You have beautifully maintained it, you must try this website which really helps to increase your traffic. hope u have a wonderful day & awaiting for more new post. Keep Blogging!

engi said...

Hi Lydia! Thanks for droped by...
Sure I will try your advise...
Happy blogging!

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